Barbara Russo Sprouls

Hilton Head, South Carolina

I have known Athena for the past 29 years during which time she was engaged as the interior designer for homes in Avon, CT; Tampa, FL; Hilton Head, SC; and Watchung, NJ. Athena guided me in establishing a palette of colors to be used throughout each house. She provided an extremely supportive environment in which we transformed an empty shell to a special home that reflected my family’s personality and lifestyle.

I also appreciate and understand her billing system. There is never any guesswork with her, and I know what my costs will be before I even start a project….I consider her to be extremely professional in all aspects of her business.


Susan P. Miller

Avon, CT

The American Heritage Dictionary defines the noun natural as “one having all the qualifications necessary for success.  Not acquired, inherent.

If I were to convey the most succinct characterization of Athena Economou, my response would be a  natural. Born with talent that others, regardless of how long or hard they work, will never quite perform at the same level, or with the same style, as the natural.

Every project big or small is undertaken with an equal amount of enthusiasm and dedication. Athena surrounds herself with professionals. Every laborer who performs a task on your project is a qualified master of his or her trade.

Athena is part magician, part mind-reader. She can translate what you say you like into what you really want. She transforms an ordinary room into something unique, something that generates emotion. The comments are always the same when someone enters the family room: “This room makes me feels so….and the list goes on. My living room makes people happy. My dining room is je ne sais quoi that I cannot get people to leave the table and retreat into one of the other gorgeous rooms after a meal.


K. Grahame Walker

Vero Beach, FL

Athena was engaged for the substantial redecoration of our 21 room house in Hartford, CT. The role principally involved selection of fabrics and designs for window treatments, wall and floor covering and furniture, and included construction and installation.  Athena was able to rapidly assess our taste and blend it with the character of the property to achieve style and ambience.  Athena was consistently reliable, objective, ethical, and accurate which greatly supported the value we placed in her judgement.


Consequently, I retained Athena for remodeling the corporate offices of a Fortune 500 company for which I was privileged to be Chairman and CEO.  This huge project was completed on time and on budget and was acclaimed by both staff and visitors alike as an admirable transformation.

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